The TND™ 760 Fleet Edition

Mobile Communication | Electronic Logs | Navigation

A cost-effective electronic logging system, mobile communication solution, and fleet management tool all in one.

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HD 100 Device

Depending on your fleet’s needs, theHD 100 can be used as anything from a stand-alone track and trace device to a full mobile fleet management solution. The device pairs with Android, iPad, and iPhone devices to become a compliant E-Log system and provide driver/vehicle performance management, driver-fleet communication, and more.

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TND™ 760 Fleet Edition

The TND™ 760 Fleet Edition is a compact, quick to install in-cab mobile fleet management solution that offers Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, truck-specific navigation, streamlined driver-fleet communication, and more - all at an amazing price.

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TPC 7600

The new-generation TPC 7600 is a powerful, full-featured mobile fleet management solution delivering enterprise-level features that enable fleets to better manage Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, navigation, fleet-driver communication, and more. Plus, the TPC 7600 also offers in-cab scanning and printing, Internet access, and facilitates driver training.

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Connect web portal

The Rand McNally Connect web portal is the cloud–based command center behind the TND™ 760 and the TPC 7600. The web portal provides detailed reporting on driver and vehicle performance, near real-time visibility, communication to drivers, and so much more.

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TrueTrack® is a web-based solution that helps better manage the in-cab navigation experience. Working in conjunction with Rand McNally’s in-cab devices – the TND™760 and the TPC 7600 – TrueTrack®’s complimentary tools help managers improve driver safety, enhance customer service and improve efficiency.

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Mileage & Routing

Shippers and carriers rely on Rand McNally’s suite of software and navigation solutions.

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TND™ 760 Videos & Testimonials