The DashCam 500 delivers high-quality video and still photos, g-sensor technology for incident detection, and more! The companion app makes it easy to save, organize, and share directly from your phone. The DashCam 500 mounts to the windshield with a clip-in suction cup mount and records in 1080p on a continuous loop.

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Product dimensions: 3.44" x 2.1" x 1.16"
Packaging dimensions: 6.5" x 4” x 4.75"
Operating temperature: - 20° to 70° C/-4° to 158° F
Power supply: 5V/1A
Field of view: 151° (opposite angles); 120° (horizontal)
Lens type: 6 glass
Sensor type: CMOS
Video file format: MP4
Video resolution: 1080p
Video frame rate options: 30 fps
Image stabilization: Digital