Transport Trucking

As regulations change so does the TND™ 760. Rand McNally seamlessly updates the devices out in the field via over-the-air updates. So, even though the new HOS rules went into effect July 1, Rand McNally had already updated the TND™ 760 to ensure your drivers stay compliant.

In addition to simplifying the crucial task of compliance, the TND™ 760 is a cost-effective mobile communication and comprehensive fleet management solution. With a simple interface and just one device, one cable, and 30 minutes or less to install, it can be used out of the box. Hardware starts at $549.99* and service is available from $19.95 per month.

Home Screen

HOS Screen

Navigation Screen

*$549.99 does not include navigation. $699.99 with navigation. All prices are USD and subject to change without notice. Applicable taxes not included.
Service plan required. Restrictions apply.