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August 2014

NEW: The HD 100 Has Gone All-Platform

You asked, and we've delivered. The HD 100 E-log device, selected as one of Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) magazine’s “Top 20 Products of 2013,” is now shipping with software that enables the addition of E-Logs to tablets, smart phones, and select Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND™ GPS devices.1 And, there’s more. Depending upon the service plan you select, the HD 100 can also turn those devices into more robust mobile fleet management solutions.

Deemed a “game changer” by industry observers,2 the HD 100 is a small black box with a lot of power. The device plugs into a truck’s on-board diagnostic port and records the vehicle’s GPS position along with critical vehicle and driver-specific metrics. The HD 100 also provides electronic Hours of Service (HOS) recording, vehicle inspection reporting, text and dispatch-integrated messaging and more.3

Looking to improve your fleet’s overall efficiency and power your business with the critical data it needs to make better decisions? Visit a Travel Centers of America (TA) store near you, or search for the HD 100 online. 

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It's a Wrap: The Great American Trucking Show

Rand McNally's VP of Research and Development Interviews with the Dave Nemo Show at GATSAnother August, another Great American Trucking Show. The team just returned from Dallas where we launched the fourth generation of IntelliRoute® TND™ truck GPS devices. With much coverage in the transportation press, and an overrun booth at the show, the new, lightning quick, Wi-Fi-enabled devices were the star of GATS.

As usual, we brought our Customer Support team, which provided complimentary updates and upgrades for TND™ owners. We also held a daily drawing for the new IntelliRoute® TND™ 730 device, and handed out cartons and cartons of Motor Carriers’ Road Atlases – which were gone by the second day of the show!

Results from our annual survey at the show are still in tabulation, but we did hear a lot more from drivers interested in adding on technology services to their devices – document scanning and tire pressure monitoring, for example. With more in-cab Wi-Fi capabilities, drivers are finding they have the ability to optimize their time in the truck with more services. TIP: Check out the new TND™ devices and all of the free Wi-Fi services they include.

Next on the trade show agenda is a slew of fleet shows including McLeod, TMW, and the ATA Management Conference & Exhibition. And of course, we’re already getting ready for the big driver show in Louisville next Spring. Come join us! 

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Meet the Fourth Generation of Rand McNally
Truck GPS Devices

Are you ready to get even more out of your truck GPS? We have great news for you. With new hardware, a faster processor, two new graphical user interface options, and improved maps, the new IntelliRoute® TND™ 730 LM and 530 LM devices are our best GPS devices yet. Designed specifically with the commercial driver in mind, both devices offer leading edge technology and features to help simplify a big job – the job of trucking.

Equipped with Rand McNally’s award-winning navigation with 35% more truck routing information than other GPS units, and new features, such as Toll Cost estimates, in-route planning and Advanced Lane Guidance, the TND™ 730 LM and 530 LM are so much more than truck GPS devices.

Check out the full details, see what’s new and get your hands on an IntelliRoute® TND™ 730 LM or 530 LM today. 

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