Commercial Transportation News

February 2014

E-Logs Can Help at Tax Time

Did you know that Rand McNally’s electronic logging and compliance solutions can help small fleets and owner operators with records at tax time - or any time?

Plus, automated, electronic logging can help ensure greater log accuracy.

All of Rand McNally’s compliance solutions offer online access to 6 months of driver logs for simplified reporting. Users may download and save driver logs onto a computer or external hard drive, or print for filing purposes, all from the Connect web portal. Every customer who uses a TND™ 760, HD 100, TPC 7600 or other device, automatically gets access to the portal. 

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GSA Revamps Mobile Communications Plan
with the TND™ 760

Since switching to Rand McNally’s TND™ 760, GSA International, Ltd. and its 40-truck fleet have experienced significant operational time and cost savings. With a simple driver interface and integration to Prophesy dispatch software, all backed by unmatched customer support, the TND™ 760 has helped revamp GSA’s entire mobile communications plan.

GSA is a Michigan-based, full-service logistics provider that has operated with a mobile fleet management system in all of its trucks since the company started in 2007. After persistent failures, the inability to integrate with their dispatch system, and issues with a hard-to-use driver interface, GSA managers decided to seek out a new solution.

With the TND™ 760's solid integration to the Prophesy TMS dispatch system GSA had already been using, each step in the dispatch process is now recorded and action is subsequently taken automatically.  The ability to automate these processes allows dispatchers to monitor data instead of having to manipulate it. This results in reduced reporting errors, more time to work through issues as they arise, and better driver focus.

 “We say to our drivers, ‘You are the professional driver, you drive, and let us take care of everything else!’ Rand McNally’s TND™ 760 helps to deliver on that promise,” said Mark J. Simpson, Vice President, GSA. 

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NEW: Motorcoach Hours of Service

At the UMA Motorcoach Expo in Los Angeles, Calif., Rand McNally announced its new E-Log offering for the passenger-carrier market. The TPC 7600, TND™ 760, and HD 100 now include E-Logs compliant with the Hours of Service regulations specific to this industry.

Over-the-road commercial transportation fleets and the bus/motorcoach industry face very similar regulatory and operational challenges. Naturally, Rand McNally has extended its efforts to provide a solution that can meet the specific requirements expected of passenger-carrying drivers.

This gives motorcoach companies access to the compliance and safety benefits of mobile fleet management, plus the ability to reduce costs through greater automation, navigation specific to larger vehicles, and vehicle/driver monitoring for more proactive maintenance and training. 

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