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January 2015

Study Evaluates Driver Harassment

According to a recent study, there is no difference in perceptions of harassment between drivers using paper logs and drivers using electronic logs.

The study did find that drivers using E-logs were more likely to be paid for customer delays and to have management adjust schedules to better serve driver needs.

Across both logging methods, surveyed drivers did not find harassment to be a widespread issue. Drivers were given several types of interactions and were asked whether or not they constituted harassment. The interactions most commonly categorized as harassment were interruptions during off-duty time, being asked to work when tired, and being asked to change logs to work longer.

A small percentage of drivers claim to have experienced these types of harassment; only seven percent of drivers reported being interrupted two or more times a month during their off-duty time and just one percent said they were asked to falsify their logs to increase on duty time.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration conducted this study in November 2014 by interviewing drivers at truck stops nationwide and interviewing carriers online.

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Bennett International Maximizes Existing Technology Investments by Adding Rand McNally’s HD 100 Devices

Bennett International Group recently installed Rand McNally’s HD 100 devices across its entire fleet. The McDonough, Georgia-based company had already installed in-cab Android tablets and was looking for a solution that would allow it to leverage this existing technology.

 “We’ve partnered the new device with our installed tablets, allowing for us to track and trace a vehicle at any time, and use E-Logs to ensure Hours of Service compliance," said Tim Hadden, Bennett’s Chief Information Officer. "These new features are assisting us in delivering outstanding service to our customers.” 

The HD 100, paired with Bennett’s in-cab Android tablets, provides immediate communication, vehicle location, load delivery data, driver performance metrics, engine data, and electronic Hours of Service (E-Logs) functionality. Soon Bennett will add Rand McNally’s award-winning IntelliRoute® navigation for turn-by-turn directions with truck-specific routing, allowing drivers to select a load or a fuel stop, and route directly to the location.

Bennett investigated multiple alternatives during the selection process. Hadden shared that once a decision was made, a rapid deployment was critical.

“Our implementation with Rand McNally went as well as it possibly could. We went from zero to 100 miles per hour in just a few months with Rand McNally’s customer support with us every step of the way,” shared Hadden.

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McNeilus Steel, Inc. Equips Its Private Fleet with Rand McNally's TND™ 760 Devices

When McNeilus Steel began looking for a new in-cab fleet management system for its private fleet, the Dodge Center, Minn. company wanted something that was effective as well as easy to install. Not only did the devices help McNeilus control costs, the installations were so easy that most happened during driver fuel-ups.

With the Rand McNally TND™ 760 mobile fleet management system, McNeilus is able to track shipments, log driver hours of service, and streamline communications between dispatch and drivers. Throughout its fleet of 126 trucks, McNeilus can easily monitor the movement of finished products from its service centers to a customer’s delivery bay.

“Using automated technology in place of paper and phone calls to dispatch is so much better,” said Mark Johnson, Transportation Manager of McNeilus. “It allows us to be as efficient as we can, with the added benefits of ensuring we are on track for our deliveries, and compliant, such as with hours of service and fuel tax regulations.”

Other benefits that the company has discovered compared to its prior system include device connectivity improvements, elimination of calls back to dispatch for driving directions, and the ability to analyze actual vs. planned driver behavior.

“The Rand McNally TND™ 760 is just a really good system. It’s user friendly, both from a driver and operations management perspective. The implementation has really been a win-win,” said Johnson.

For more information on Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management services, call 1-800-789-6277 or visit

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