Commercial Transportation News

July 2015

Rand McNally Offers End-to-End Advanced Speed Management Solution

Managing speed is key to running an efficient fleet. That's why Rand McNally offers SpeedGauge, a speed management tool, as an option with the TND™ 760 and HD 100 fleet management solutions.

Offered with the Platinum monthly service plan, SpeedGauge is designed to help fleets reduce accidents as well as insurance rates. Monitoring speed events – and then providing proactive coaching – can help drivers and fleets better control fuel costs and improve CSA compliance.

How does it work? SpeedGauge uses the GPS tracking from the TND™ 760 and HD 100 devices to identify the location, frequency, severity, and duration of speeding events. Companies can create customized reports considering context and analysis. The reports enable fleet managers to provide coaching to fine-tune driver behavior and track improvements over time. The reports and data are accessible from the Rand McNally Connect web portal.

Have questions? Call 1-800-444-1072. 

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35th Motor Carriers' Road Atlas Now Available

The 35th edition of the Motor Carriers' Road Atlas is here! Available in paperback, Deluxe, and Large Scale editions, the newest atlas includes:

  • Updated U.S. state and Canadian province maps
  • Revised "designated" highways showing the latest truck roadways
  • Updated restricted routes, low clearances, and weigh station locations
  • A 22-page mileage directory with more than 40,000 truck-route-specific, city-to-city mileages
  • A review of Hazardous Materials Regulations
  • Fully updated state and province charts including more than 500 changes to truck-specific state contacts — such as operating authority contacts, emergency police, and vehicle registration 

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New World Van Lines Adds Rand McNally HD 100 Devices

Just in time for the busiest moving months of the year, New World Van Lines of Chicago is equipping its fleet of household moving trucks with the Rand McNally HD 100—a plug-and-play fleet technology solution that leverages New World’s existing technology.

“The HD 100 offered what the others did not: flexibility. The pricing was right where we needed it to be,” said Justin Walsh, Vice President of Technology at New World Van Lines. “Our drivers can quickly download an app to integrate their smart phone with the HD 100 for a seamless implementation. Drivers also get more information right out of the box since it’s a Rand McNally product.” 

The HD 100 plugs into the truck’s diagnostics port, pairs with an Android or iOS tablet or phone,  and provides Hours of Service, vehicle diagnostics, and driver performance information.  HOS logs, driver performance data and diagnostics information are also available for fleet managers online, via the Rand McNally Connect web portal..

“The HD 100 will help us to be more timely and more proactive. This will make it easier for dispatchers to see if drivers are where they need to be,” Walsh said.

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