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June 2014

NEW: Rand McNally’s In-Cab Devices Now
Integrated with Navistar’s OnCommand™ System

Rand McNally’s revolutionary line of mobile fleet management devices and Navistar’s award-winning OnCommand™ Connection remote diagnostics system have teamed up. This new arrangement helps operations managers streamline their maintenance management process, improve vehicle uptime and ultimately lower costs.

How does it work? Diagnostic code and fault code data provided by Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management devices - the HD 100, the TND™ 760 and the TPC 7600 - flow seamlessly into Navistar’s OnCommand™ Connection remote diagnostics system. By incorporating fault and issue codes from Rand McNally’s devices through an online portal, OnCommand™ Connection allows fleet owners to view a dashboard with on-road performance, active fault codes, severity ratings, and recommended action steps identified for repair and maintenance for each truck in the fleet.

Recommended action steps can include directing the driver to proceed to the nearest maintenance facility, immediately pull over and call for assistance, or defer activity until the next scheduled maintenance stop. Additionally, the location of the vehicle, also provided by the Rand McNally device, is mapped in proximity to nearby service locations for needed repairs. How convenient is that? And, the mobile fleet management device even provides truck-specific directions to the service location.

How do you benefit? By categorizing fault codes into symptoms by severity and providing recommended repair plans, fleet managers can proactively manage vehicle maintenance and address small issues before they turn into larger repairs which turn into and larger costs. 

“Offering an open-architecture platform has enabled us to work with industry-leading providers such as Rand McNally,” said Scott Sutarik, service program manager, Navistar. “Fleets are able to leverage the technology they have already installed, such as Rand McNally’s TND 760, along with OnCommand™ Connection to lower repair costs and substantially increase uptime for their fleets.”

To find out more about integrating Rand McNally's mobile fleet management devices with Navistar's OnCommand™ system, give us a call at 1-800-789-6277. To learn more about OnCommand™ Connection itself, please visit Navistar

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What Have You Learned from E-Log Devices?

While there are many professional drivers who still use paper logs, the growth in electronic logs has fueled learnings about the E-Log Device, or ELD.

Rand McNally has found that ELDs can help fleets derive numerous benefits including reduced paperwork, increased accuracy and efficiency, simplified HOS compliance, improved driver safety and more.

For more information about these devices and how to get the most of out them, check out Aaron Huff’s recent article in CCJ: 7 lessons learned about ELDs.

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