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May 2013

Top Industry Challenges Increase
Push Toward Technology

Improving fuel economy, cutting costs and heightening driver safety are all hot topics in today’s trucking landscape. Margins are tight, fuel prices continue to fluctuate, and there’s a driver shortage that could potentially reach 250,000 drivers by 2014.1 Now more than ever, fleets need the right technology to cut costs, reduce fuel expenses, and keep drivers safe, happy and on the road longer. That’s where Rand McNally’s TND™ 760 comes in.

The single-box fleet management solution was specifically designed to address some of the biggest challenges facing the trucking industry today. Complete with Rand McNally’s award winning truck-specific navigation, the TND™ 760's navigation feature provides 35% more truck-routing information than other GPS units, and helps to reduce out-of-route miles and inefficient routing. Better navigation can save from 8% to 10% in fuel costs2. Turn-by-turn guidance for upcoming maneuvers, warnings for upcoming sharp curves and speed limit changes, and routing based on truck dimensions and load type also help keep drivers safer. The in-cab device’s electronic Hours of Service application helps improve driver safety too, in addition to reducing the risk of compliance violations, and bettering CSA scores and overall fleet efficiency.

TND™ 760 owners have also found that they benefit from high driver acceptance, a critical value-add in today’s driver-strapped trucking industry. Loaded with tools designed for the professional driver, the device helps make drivers’ day more efficient. By choosing a mobile fleet management solution that drivers welcome into their trucks and like to use, you can help keep them happy, safe, productive and on the job. 

Through low total cost of ownership and a quick return on your investment, the TND™ 760 makes it easy to welcome change in return for a higher performing business. There is a reason for an ever-increasing push toward more technology in commercial vehicles and a greater government-driven emphasis on safer operations.3  It’s just good business sense. Learn more about how the right mobile fleet management solution can take your business to the next level today.

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Driver Credits TND™ 760 with Saving the Day

Michael Reech, a driver for L&B Transport, LLC., (L&B) was recently traveling at night on an interstate road and suddenly encountered a heavy fog. The TND™ 760 provided some immediate warnings to the driver, including a spoken warning regarding a sharp turn on an approaching hill and an upcoming speed limit reduction.

With visibility significantly decreased, Reech may have missed the opportunity to prepare for this turn and the speed limit reduction without the TND™ 760 on board. In fact, there was no "curve ahead" warning sign on the road at all. Reech credits the device with not only protecting the $300,000 investment in the vehicle he was operating, and the value of the load he was transporting, but his life.

L&B was founded in 1984 to meet the ever increasing needs and high service expectations of the chemical industry of South Louisiana. L&B specializes in rubber-lined trailer service for strong acids, as well as transportation of virtually all types of commodities including hazardous materials in bulk over the 48 contiguous states and Canada. The company has a high concentration of owner-operators in their fleet with many different truck configurations. Rand McNally's TND™ 760 was especially appealing due to its ease of installation, including the fact that it does not require opening up the dash to install. The device can be installed in-house and drivers can be trained in less than 30 minutes. 

Carolyn Hofmann, Safety and Compliance Specialist, L&B Transport, has worked closely on the implementation of Rand McNally’s TND™ 760 mobile fleet management devices. She reports the devices have been incredibly well received by L&B’s drivers, and Reech's experience is one of many that highlight the value of the navigation features included on the device.

"From a company perspective, the Hours of Service reporting has been excellent. I can easily run audit reports each morning, and catch any errors and mistakes before a DOT violation occurs. Once drivers get over the fear of change, and understand how easy it is to use - they love it. Some will say, 'Do not take this away! I do not want to do paper logs ever again!'" said Hofmann. "In addition, the Rand McNally navigation is a bonus for the drivers. They are happy not to have separate units for each function, as it's all on one device."

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Rand McNally Integrates with ProTransport

To help customers reduce time spent on administration, Rand McNally and the TND™ 760 now integrate with ProTransport, a TMS program developed in concert with industry leaders to help improve fleet efficiency.

Based in Schaumburg, Ill., ProTransport was designed with a focus on user friendly functionality, and is appropriate for any size trucking company. The software helps connect all departments - dispatch, safety, accounting and management – in one collaborative environment. The solution is easy to implement, with managed hosting and private cloud computing for the enterprise level.

“By using ProTransport and their all-in-one software integrated with Rand McNally's mobile fleet management solution, we were able to slash our administration time in the office by at least 38%, and increase customer satisfaction by providing faster and more accurate information,” said Sretko Krsic, CEO of Atlas SN, Inc.

To learn more about ProTransport and its integration with Rand McNally’s TND™ 760, call 1-800-789-6277.

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