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October 2012

Maximize your TND™ 760 Investment

Already have a transportation management solution? Rand McNally partners with more than 80 leading industry providers – to help you make better business decisions with more comprehensive data and user–configurable reporting.

The TND™ 760 alone allows data integration with more than twenty third-party dispatch and fuel tax applications. This means you maximize your investment in both the 760 device and your third-party solution. With Rand McNally Connect Software, your fleet benefits from a developer-friendly platform that provides data integration and connectivity services between the TND™ 760  and third-party applications. This provides access to data needed to facilitate dispatch communications, Hours of Service compliance management, fuel tax reporting and vehicle maintenance.

Rand McNally’s TND™ 760 integrates with software from TMW Systems and McLeod Software as well as dispatch providers, fuel tax services, and maintenance and auditing software – plus we are continually working to build new partnerships that can further enhance your TND™ 760 experience.  To learn more about Rand McNally Connect software and how it adds value and functionality to the TND™ 760 fleet management solution, click here or call 1-800-789-6277.

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TND™ 760 Offers Even More Value with $100 Price Drop

With just one box and one cable, the TND™ 760 offers a compliant EOBR system with mobile communication, and navigation.  Thanks to rising demand, and ongoing engineering improvements and efficiencies, the TND™ 760 is now even better – with a $100 price drop.

Now, for as little as $549.99* for the hardware and $19.95 per month for service, fleets can reap  the benefits of the TND™ 760. For just $150 more, the hardware comes loaded with Rand McNally’s industry leading truck-specific navigation. Fleets get uncomplicated compliance, improved driver-fleet communication, and heightened efficiency, plus so much more. Qualifying fleets can even lease the TND™ 760 for as little as $36.99** per month.

The TND™ 760 has received an overwhelmingly positive response from fleets and drivers alike due to its painless installation, fast ROI and driver-friendly interface. The new, even more competitive price is just an added bonus.

For more information on the TND™ 760 or any of Rand McNally’s other mobile fleet management solutions and truck GPS devices, call 1-800-789-6277 or click here.

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Pick your Hardware with the HD 100

At Rand McNally, we recognize every fleet has different sized needs. That’s why – at the recent American Trucking Association Management Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas, we announced the new HD 100.

The HD100 features Hours of Service (HOS) recording, text-and-dispatch-integrated messaging, plus driver performance monitoring. The new solution will turn Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute® TND™ 720 GPS device, tablets and smart phones into compliant EOBR systems. Available in Q2 of next year, the HD100 provides one more cost-effective option for compliance, communication and electronic hours of service.

Neatly designed at just 3 ½ inches by 5 inches, the HD 100 can be installed in less than 10 minutes; and just like our TPC 7600 and TND™ 760, it integrates seamlessly with more than twenty third-party dispatch and fuel tax applications via Rand McNally Connect software. Drivers are able to interact with the HD 100’s HOS and messaging functions through an application that they download and run on their mobile device or Rand McNally’s IntelliRoute® TND™ 720.

The HD 100 will become commercially available in April 2013 for use with Android tablets and the Rand McNally IntelliRoute® TND™ 720 truck GPS device. Later in 2013, the device will also integrate with Android smart phones, and IOS tablets and smart phones.

Want to learn more about the HD 100 today? Call us at 1-800-789-6277.

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