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October 2013

Rand McNally Now Integrated with Carrier Logistics Inc.

Rand McNally’s TND™ 760 and TPC 7600 mobile fleet management devices now integrate with Carrier Logistics Inc.’s (CLI) FACTS™ freight management system - a combined billing, accounting and operations solution for fleets.

According to CLI, The FACTS™ system has been proven to increase return on investment for users. Many customers including LTL, TL, and multi-stop carriers, experience reductions in staffing resources allocated to billing and IT, improved cash flow due to accurate and rapid processing of bills, and increased driver productivity with better routing.

Rand McNally’s mobile fleet management devices provide data to the FACTS™ system, allowing for enhancements to CLI’s service. Enhancements include last-mile visibility, real-time status along the delivery chain, improved safety, and cost savings via monitoring of driver and vehicle performance.

Learn more. Call us at 1-800-789-6277.

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It's a Wrap: ATA Management Conference
& Exhibition

Rand McNally Booth at ATA

Another October, another ATA.  

The Rand McNally team just returned from the American Trucking Associations' annual Management Conference & Exhibition where we met with customers, made some new friends, and downloaded on the industry. A few of the highlights:

  • While the trucking industry future is bright, recent issues and divisiveness in Washington overshadowed most discussions. 
  • Many of the educational sessions focused on driver issues related to safety, CSA and how recent HOS changes are hurting drivers. Carrier executives at one session explained that drivers are seeing hours and their paychecks squeezed, making it more difficult to recruit and retain some drivers.
  • Rand McNally made two big announcements, which drove folks to our booth: First, we announced that we are now shipping the revolutionary HD 100 device – a small black box about the size of a deck of cards designed to pair with tablets, phones, and the company’s IntelliRoute® TND™ 720 GPS device, to create a fully functioning mobile fleet management solution. Second, we announced a new web-based solution called TrueTrack® that will give fleet managers the ability to control the in-cab routing experience and track a driver's adherence to predefined routes.
  • Lastly, we saw our name…in ice! At an event to assist national candidates who support the trucking industry, Rand McNally was featured prominently in an incredible ice sculpture.

Rand McNally Logo in Ice at ATA

The ATA MC&E was held in Orlando last week. Check out some coverage from the show.

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Empire Express Streamlines HOS Compliance
with the TPC 7600

When Empire Express managers sought to streamline the company's compliance processes, they looked to Rand McNally and the TPC 7600.

Empire Express is a Hazmat and high-value freight specialist operating 200 units out of Memphis, Tenn. With an already excellent long-term safety record in the industry, company managers wanted to implement electronic onboard devices to simplify compliance and achieve even better results. In addition to Hours of Service tracking, Empire Express managers wanted a solution that would assist with vehicle tracking, and provide:

  • Time-of-arrival information to improve service to customers
  • Easier data management across multiple departments
  • Integration to technology like McLeod’s software’s Windows®-based transportation management software
  • An intuitive, easy-to-understand driver experience

And they found it all in Rand McNally's TPC 7600. As a result of implementing the complete electronic logging and mobile fleet management system fleet-wide, Empire Express has been able to virtually eliminate variances in compliance and gain efficiencies throughout their business.

Want to learn more about the TPC 7600? Click here or call 1-800-789-6277.

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