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October 2014

Investing in In-Cab Technology
Pays Off for Kerns Trucking

In an industry where margins are tight and operating expenses can fluctuate quickly, investing valuable resources in new technology can be daunting. Kerns Trucking shows us how it can really pay off.

The North Carolina-based trucking company recently adopted in-cab mobile fleet management devices from Rand McNally. Just a few months after installing the TND™ 760 fleetwide, Kerns trucking executives say their fleet is experiencing significant operational enhancements, including noticeable improvements in dispatch, enabling selections of loads based on Hours of Service left for each driver.

 “I’ve heard that many companies have held off on technology implementation due to cost. In our experience, you just can’t afford not to invest!” said Doug Prestwood, Vice President of Kerns Trucking.

With the TND™ 760, dispatch provides the specific location for upcoming deliveries, and based on the number of hours left on a driver’s automated HOS logging, dispatch can even assign the next two loads with just a click of a button. Once the drop-off location is delivered to the in the in-cab device, the GPS takes over and supplies appropriate truck-specific directions to each destination.

With their own longstanding investment in new technology, Kerns Trucking appreciated the commitment Rand McNally has made in developing its products. “It was clear to us that Rand McNally is intent on continually improving its product, and committed to ease of use for our company and drivers. Who knows what will be required two years from now? Rand McNally has the resources and the cutting edge technology to be ready,” said Prestwood.

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It’s a Wrap: ATA Management Conference & Exhibition

The American Trucking Association’s Management Conference and Exhibition was held earlier this month in San Diego, CA - and we had a great time!  Rand McNally was pleased to once again sponsor the ATA Truck PAC Event, which included a meet and greet with U.S. Senator Roy Blunt at the San Diego Wine & Culinary Center.

During the conference, Rand McNally also made some exciting announcements, which included new opportunities for our TND™ 760 and TPC 7600 customers – like integrations to Pegasus Transtech for scanning, and Drivewyze Pre-Clear for weigh station bypass services. 

The Public Knows:
Professional Truck Drivers Are Dedicated, Professional and Safe!

At one of the sessions during the conference, a special report was provided by Public Opinion Strategies, highlighting the results of a recent national poll with 800 consumers on the topics of trucking, road conditions, and ideas about how to generate more revenue to fix our crumbling infrastructure. 

Here are some of the results:

  • 48% expressed a desire for the government to spend MORE money on transportation infrastructure – tied with anti-terrorism, and second behind K-12 education!
  • 65% had a favorable impression of the trucking industry – ahead of rail and airline industries.
  • 57% felt the trucking industry had a good-to-great safety record!  And 71% reported that they believe passenger vehicle drivers are definitely more likely than truck drivers to execute unsafe maneuvers, such as tailgating, aggressive driving, or improper lane changing.
  • 82% felt that they would have a much more favorable impression of the safety of the trucking industry if new technology were put into each truck to make sure drivers weren’t on the road for too long.

Learn more. Check out the full report here

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NEW: TND™ 760 Offers Integration to
Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass Service

While Rand McNally engineers put the finishing touches on the new Drivewyze™ PreClear weigh station bypass service — available on the TND™ 760 — Drivewyze has announced even more weigh stations in its network. The PreClear service is now provided at more than 400 fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites in 29 states, with more states and sites being added regularly. This month alone, Drivewyze has gone live with eight sites in Missouri, with more sites to be added in the near future. Additionally, Drivewyze is expected to go live with nine states before the end of the month, followed by 28 new agriculture inspection sites in Florida - and many more states to come.

The value-add service will be available for download to all existing TND™ 760 customers - new customers will already have the option downloaded onto their devices. Drivewyze™ PreClear enables commercial carriers to leverage their hard-earned safety scores, permitting trucks to bypass weigh stations instead of having to pull in - up to 98% of the time, depending on the carrier’s safety score.1

Here’s how it works: As a truck approaches a weigh station, safety-related data is communicated in real-time. If the vehicle is not flagged for any service, safety or tax liability issues, the vehicle may be given a bypass command, which is displayed on the Rand McNally device screen. This permits the driver to proceed along the mainline, reducing weigh station overcrowding and saving fleets time, fuel and money.

What’s the value to you? It’s extra money in your pocket. According to an FMCSA study, each bypass saves approximately $8.68 in fuel and time expenses. And there’s more. The Drivewyze PreClear application offers a complimentary weigh station cost-analysis tool, nationwide Weigh Station Heads Up notifications that provide real-time information for 740 weight stations and inspections sites, and a PreClear bypass service subscription option.2

To learn more about the TND™ 760 and valuable add-on services like Drivewyze Pre-Clear, call us at 1-800-789-6277.

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