Commercial Transportation News

September 2013

FMCSA’s Driver Training Proposal
Hits a Roadblock

Almost six years after its initial proposal was announced, the FMCSA is withdrawing its proposed rule that would require both classroom and behind-the-wheel training for entry-level drivers.

After putting the proposal through an advisory council, the FMCSA has concluded it must start over. Although the concept of training itself was widely supported by the advisory council, the actual details of the proposal produced mixed views.1

Objections were made to the proposal’s plan to require a specific number of training hours rather than a performance-based approach, and that driver training schools be accredited by an agency recognized by the Education Department or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation. Additional questions arose around the process for behind-the-wheel training, as well as the potential to add a graduated licensing system to the proposed regulations.1

There is no pre-determined schedule for an updated proposal, but research is underway to analyze the relationship between driver training and safety, and performance.

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Hours of Service Round-Up

Compliance is in the air. Throughout the last couple of months, we at Rand McNally have been working to ensure that customers can easily navigate the July Hours of Service rule changes, without interrupting the flow of operations or putting fleets at risk of costly CSA violations.

In July we released a software update that made all of our mobile fleet management devices compliant with the new rules, and provided advanced support to our customers including private training sessions, and training videos and documents.

This week, we released another software update incorporating the Hours of Service change exempting some short-haul drivers from the 30-minute break. The update also provides drivers with the ability to accept or reject a 34-hour reset.

Now, as some lawmakers are calling the new Hours of Service rules a “flawed regulatory process,” and with an Hours of Service study required of the FMCSA by the current MAP-21 highway funding act,2 who knows what will come next. But Rand McNally will be ready. 

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Workflow Now Integrated with McLeod LoadMaster®

Last week at the McLeod Software 2013 Users’ Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., Rand McNally introduced its latest integration with McLeod Loadmaster®. 

Rand McNally and McLeod Software, a leading provider of transportation, brokerage and document management systems, have been working together for more than 20 years to provide greater value to fleets. Now, McLeod Loadmaster® integrates with Rand McNally’s Workflow application.

Workflow facilitates the flow of information between a Rand McNally TND™ 760 or a TPC 7600 and McLeod’s Loadmaster® Enterprise software.

The application helps streamline communication between drivers and dispatchers by providing drivers with an easy-to-understand trip plan, and by automating notification to LoadMaster® of vehicle arrival and departure, and by integrating Rand McNally’s navigation into the trip plan.

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