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June 2016

Rand McNally launches multi-use dash cam line

Rand McNally has launched a new line of standalone dash cams that pairs top-of-the-line safety features with HD video and extra-wide-angle lenses.

The Rand McNally Dash Cam 100, Dash Cam 200, and the even more feature-rich Dash Cam 300 are designed to not only assist with accident and safety documentation, but capture video and photos from the road.

Key features

  1. Dash Cam 100, 200, and 300 include:
  2. A “G” sensor that automatically saves video footage on impact
  3. Extra-wide camera angle with minimal distortion
  4. Night mode that adjusts automatically
  5. Time- lapse and still photography
  6. Time and date stamp

In addition to these features, the Dash Cam 200 and 300 also include a super HD camera and location stamp, from an embedded GPS. Moreover, the Dash Cam 300 includes lane-departure and collision warnings, and can record Full HD video at 60 frames per second.

The Dash Cam 300 has a two-inch screen for viewing and playback, and comes with a 16 GB SD card. The Dash Cam 200 has a 1.5-inch screen and an 8 GB SD card. The Dash Cam 100 has a 1.5-inch screen and a 4 GB SD card.

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ELD Mandate Update

Earlier this month, the FMCSA filed its official response to OOIDA's legal challenge against the upcoming ELD Mandate. The FMCSA argued that rule is constitutional, and that according to its own analysis, ELDs would result in 1,844 fewer crashes, 26 lives saved, and 562 injuries avoided annually.

In response to OOIDA's claims that the rule will violate driver privacy, the FMCSA said that the mandate will require ELDs have secure access to data and use encryption methods while transferring data, and that personal data and records would be protected in legal proceedings, including when drivers file complaints against carriers.

OOIDA's response to the FMCSA is likely to be published around the end of July.

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