ELD certification – what you need to know

Steps for a manufacturer to be certified:

  1. Verify that their devices are compliant
  2. Register their ELDs with the FMCSA
  3. Ensure that the devices meet all technical specifications under penalty of perjury

Where to search for an ELD:

  • Search the FMCSA’s website to find all the devices that have been certified to help you make decisions based on certification, trust in a vendor, track record, and more.

What it means to be self-certified:

  • An ELD maker is always considered to be self-certified, whether they use in-house resources or an outside lab for testing. ELDs are self-certified only by the manufacturer.

Q&A with our ELD Expert

We asked Ravi Kodavarti, Rand McNally’s Director of Commercial Products, for a quick overview to help put the new ELD rules in perspective.


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