A Fleet Management Solution for Any Size Job

Fleet management solution for jobs of all sizes

Picture this. It’s Christmas Eve. Santa’s got a TND™ 760 in the sleigh, and Mrs. Claus is keeping a close eye on everything at home, right from the Rand McNally Connect web portal. While Santa is away on his big, one-night mission, Mrs. Claus can send email messages directly to his in-sleigh device, track his progress along the route, and make sure Santa is obeying all the rules of the sky to maximize fuel efficiency and sleigh performance.

This holiday season, consider what the TND™ 760 could do to enhance the efficiency of your business, and help you achieve better mobile fleet management. 

The TND™ 760 is a complete mobile fleet management solution designed for quick installation and immediate use. Heavy on the features and light on the budget, the solution provides quick ROI to fleets small and large, while helping to:

  • Simplify Hours of Service compliance
  • Lower administration costs
  • Improve routing, driver safety and fuel economy
  • Provide greater fleet visibility
  • Combat CSA violations
  • Streamline operations and fleet-driver communications

See the TND™ 760 in Action

Help Improve Driver Safety

Audible warnings let drivers know what to expect – like sharp curves, speed limit changes and automatic re-routing for missed turns.

Leading truck navigation helps reduce inefficient routing, and keeps drivers safe and on truck routes.

Simplify HOS Compliance

As regulations change, our software is updated seamlessly, over-the-air, to help drivers navigate complicated, new rules and help ensure continued compliance.

The TND™ 760 also helps fleets streamline operations and avoid costly CSA violations.

Improve Visibility

Gain greater visibility into trucks and drivers out on the road, helping you maximize operational efficiency.

Depending on your service plan, you'll have access to HOS and VIR tracking, fleet communications, and driver/vehicle performance management.

TND™ 760 Overview and What Customers Have to Say

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