Frustrated with Hours of Service regulations?

The TND™ 760 Fleet Edition with electronic logs can help.

Hours of Service Electronic Logbook - Fleet Management Solution

The new Hours of Service rules require drivers to do more recording and tracking. More manual tracking means more opportunities for mistakes.

With the electronic log function of the TND™ 760, your drivers benefit from:

  • Automated electronic logbooks
  • Reduced need for manual tracking
  • Automated calculation of complexities like the new 34-hour reset, required rest breaks, and the 60/70 hour rule

Your fleet operations benefit from:

  • Help lowering administration costs through greater automation of HOS compliance, Vehicle Inspection Reporting, and Fuel Tax Reporting 
  • Help combatting CSA violations with more precise, automated logging 
  • More streamlined operations with more accurate, truck-specific navigation and better load assignment

The TND™ 760 also offers fleet communications, driver and vehicle performance monitoring, and more – all to help you do more, better.

Simplify HOS Compliance

Automatic Electronic Logbook

Automated electronic Hours of Service logs helps reduce the need for paper logs while helping fleets streamline operations and avoid costly CSA violations.

Plus, drivers receive HOS alerts and warnings, and can fax or email logbook information directly to law enforcement during an inspection. 

Simplify Hours of Service Compliance

The TND™ 760 is compliant with all current FMCSA Hours of Service regulations and Vehicle Inspection Reporting.

Plus, as regulations change, our software is updated seamlessly, over-the-air, to help drivers navigate complicated, new rules and help ensure continued compliance.

Solutions for Small Fleets

Do you have anywhere from one to 10 trucks in your fleet?

The TND™ 760 can help you maximize resources, take the guesswork out of Hours of Service compliance, and lower administration costs. Plus, it can help you combat costly CSA violations, so you can focus on the business of trucking.

TND™ 760 overview and What Customers Have to Say

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